Go easy

Now's no time for shame

Hi, friend.

Vulnerability is a strange place to quarantine. Dare I say lounging has lost its luster?

I feel captive on my couch as celebrities and local businesses and brands alike jockey for the crown of Moral Leadership Through The Crisis.

Their missives are occasionally head scratching but then sometimes stirring: words from strangers are striking truer than ever.

They strike like these (h/t Jamie for sharing):

Hang in there. You all are doing a wonderful job....and it’s a very important one. ❤️
March 25, 2020

In a fair world, flaming arrows would be reserved as backup for this kind of clap back:

⬆️ I think that’s what the kids call a mic drop.

I don’t have a mic drop for you today, or even a summer camp variety show skit. So in the spirit of not shaming myself during a global pandemic, while still fulfilling my inalienable commitment to sending this email out every other Thursday, I’m giving you a glorified links list. These are some really, really good ones though. Some would say these are tremendous.

Media I’m glad I consumed this week

A+ on the vocab quiz

Favorite new-to-me word:

tsuris: (n) trouble or woe; aggravation.

Thanks for reading. Now BRB - gotta go switch banks.